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TAWE Voice Recording Problem


have installed Tawe on my PC and on my iPad air.  The visual elements work fine however sound recording feature does not work on either device.  Counts down to record then comes up with error messages.

"Nothing meaningful recorded ....

"Recording stopped because you reached maximum length 25 mins..."

All these appear before I can recod anything.  Please help, I like the potential, just very frustrating.

Cheers Sandy

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Hi Wondering why it is not resolved even after a year. The problem is faced by those who timezone is not a round number. So change your timezone so that it will be a round number when compared with UTC. Example: India is 5:30 hours ahead of UTC. So change your TZ to that of another country so that the difference will be a round number Cheers
how to change timezone


It is 2019 & the bug is still there.

I faced the same issue & now going to change the time-zone as suggested.

True , Couple of years back I also raised this but no resolution.

It may be a trivial bug for the people considering UK customers, but it is an  "angry customer" category for those outside the UK with a TZ whose difference is not a perfect number.

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