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Image quality

Hi there,

I have the free desktop version of Tawe, and would like to try it out before purchasing. I made an slide in Powepoint, then exported it as a jpeg and png. When I imported these to Tawe, both were too blurry to use once I zoomed in for the frames. It doesn't seem to recognise PDFs. 

Anyone know how I can ensure the quality is good enough to use in Tawe? The main way we'd like to use it is from slides in PowerPoint.

Thanks in advance! 

Georgie, I tend to find the save as function within Powerpoint produces fairly low quality images. Personally I would put the slide on present mode so it's full screen and then use the snipping tool to take a full size screenshot of the image you need. Will make a better quality image to work with.

Thanks a lot, I'll give that a go! 

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