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Tawe - Great idea - now lets make it "Business Ready"

Enhancements for Tawe Tool -  The tool is fun , however, weak in its usage for a formal presentation.here is a summary of the issues :-

  1. Cant Integrate / launch from PPT seamlessly 
  2. Wont go Full screen - see icons in task bar at bottom of Window on PC
  3. No "Clicker" Support - Mouse advance only so if you are presenting to an audience you cannot leave teh workstation 
  4. iPhone 5S photo of A3 sheet --> image quality poor when zooming in close
I tried using it sandwiched in middle of a PPT to 2 leadership team meetings last week. Here are my observations. 

  • Yes created impact , but logistically very challenging 
  • The tool is funky and different
  • I "get the use of it" as a quck brainstorm if you are an artist or designer 
  • For regulaor business professional meetings it is a little contrive - not sure I will use it again.
  • POWERPOINT is oftebn the corporate standard ; so using these tools is good, but still needs to get launched by PPT  in a series of presentations
  • #2 PREZI - funky and relatively easy to use - but HARD  to create all graphics
  • #3 Videoscribe - Great - but no Clicker Step-By-Step advance so cannot be used in a presentation unless you break up into segmented videos and embed and talk over :-(
  • Videoscribe Image Libraries are very expensive so easier to go back to PPT clipart
  • # Tawe - Good idea but too limited to be a serious business presentaion tool for now 

Thanks for the feedback Simon, I'll make sure the comments get back to the product owner here for consideration.

We have updated our help pages today and Tawe now has it's own help site. As a result this forum is no longer on the VideoScribe help pages and now can be found at http://help.tawe.co/support/discussions/topics/1000071949

Agree with Simon on almost all points

Its not really a corporate tool right now though...its an idea explorer. I can't imagine it working with PPT...they are different media almost

+1 for remote clicker, full screen on laptop edition, slightly higher quality when zoomed...if you want to allow people to do anything more than a 1-2-1 walkthrough at a desk these are MVP items

Other ideas : record playback navigation with voice and create a movie from that. PPT does this, its a great rehearsal and archive feature. For rehearsal, you would want to be able to tweak timings...but thats another product, I know!!!

Oh...and if I'm controlling a presentation from a smartphone/tablet, which is running on a laptop, I'm going to want a crib sheet view with a thumbnail of the active snapshot

THAT would be Tawesome

Tawe on smartphone: see thumbnail, see text notes, control navigation, send all navigation and file selection commands to tawe on latop

Tawe on laptop: receive all control from tawe on smartphone


Used it the other day in a leadership meeting after a brainstorming with flipcharts ..... but ..... 

(1) need to take several pictures and position them on a canvas and then meander around the canvas ( sounds too much like Prezi now ) 

(2) clicking issue makes it hard 

So again - nice tool but as Russell says its a 1:1 tool. Also used it to prepare and rehearse a presentation ( spider diagram )  - worked well , but having to rewrite out a sheet was a bit painful.

Would be nice to mix Pics and Screensnaps into 1 image/canvas & THEN walk around. I noticed that Paper 53 is heading this way - they added charts and pictures to their sketching tools so you can merge ALL mediums into one canvas ; then throw that into Tawe.

Not of any interested to you guys I know - but for a user - its good to use sketches, images, VideoScribes, videos, PPT slides then throw it all on a table and browse around it - but as I said perhaps that puts you in competition with Prezi.

All I know is that a business User could take advantage of some "convergence technology" to glue together ALL formats in an easy to present way - thats the market opportunity for the smart business model :-)

Thanks for the feedback! I design team are working on a project to move Tawe forward in a big way so I will make sure they see this

I am using it to take an infographic to a video format, and am having a hard time taking one shot straight down to the next. I think you should incorporate up-down-left-right arrows to move on the canvas, snap the canvas, and/or include a ruler at the margins.

Another function I'd really like would be to export it as a video file on my own computer, not via sho.co. 

Can you announce good file sizes to upload? It took me some playing with my indesign files before it didn't look blurry when I zoomed in. 

Love the idea and am glad I found a project to use it with!

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