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Tawe not publishing nor saving to cloud

I am using the free desktop version of Tawe in anticipation of buying it.

When I go to publish the Tawe I created, I keep getting a pop up telling me I need to be connected to the internet. I am connected to the internet.

When I try to save to the Sparkol cloud, I et a progress bar and then an error message.

What seems to be the issue?

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If you are having problems with a video publishing to Sho.co please make sure you include the short code link to the upload in your post so we can check on it's progress for you

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HELP! Need to have this presentation that is time critical and I'm experiencing the exact same issue as Ashley noted above. I can't publish yet the only difference between Ashley and I is that I have a annual Sparkol subscription for both video scribe and tawe. I need to get my video out asap

Hi- does anyone have an answer for us, please? Do I need to buy the software in order to effectively share the Tawe I created on the free software- because I cannot find it anywhere. Thank you for responding.

You need a subscription to be able to publish from Tawe desktop. Should get the below error when you try and publish.

I have the full version but still cannot save to cloud. It never appears in my account. And when I publish I get a link that does not work.  Exporting gives me a .tawe file that is worthless!  What is the deal with Tawe on Windows?

When you save online a new folder should appear on your project screen called 'Online' and the scribe you have saved will be in there. This is then saved on our servers and allows you to log-into Tawe on other devices and that files and it's contents will then follow your account around. 

With the publish link, have you made the video provate? If you have you will need to log into Sho.co when you click the link as it's private to you and will say it cannot be found unless you do that.

I have pro version and I created two videos by using Tawe application and publish them both private and public. But I can' t find bot videos on "Sho.co". It gives error just like "no videos found".

I need to download them urgently so Could you please help me about this issue?

Emrah, if you can provide us the Sho.co links we can take a look for you.

Why will my video not publish? I am publishing my video the same as i have always done, and sometimes it takes half an hour, sometimes 1 hour, but mostly not at all, it's just keeps spinning and saying 'Hang in there'...

It does this all the time. 

And i cannot Re-Publish it, as trying that just shows me the previously 'published' link. If i want to try it again, i have to redo my video every time.

What is going on? 

...also, what is a .tawe file? You cant do anything with it? You should be able to download your own video from the platform without 'publishing' it.

Alex, if you can provide the shortcode link from Sho.co I can have a look and see how it's progressing for you. 

With regards the .tawe file this is the file that Tawe uses to save your work. We allow you to export these so that you can share your work with other Tawe users and allow them to work on your files or so that you can save your project files outside of the application and the cloud if you wish. 

With regards local publishing it is something we are considering. Lend you vote to the Idea and Feature Request forum for this as the more support it gets the more seriously we will consider it.


If you are having problems with a video publishing to Sho.co please make sure you include the short code link to the upload in your post so we can check on it's progress for you


I am already connected to the internet.

I cannot publish the video.

Hi Adam,

Are you able to publish if you close the app and restart your device, ensure you are connected to WiFi and then open the app again?

I am having the same problem like the other ones And I have paid the account 

sho.co has not rendered my 2 videos since uploading on Friday.  Is it down?

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