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Unlocking Videoscribe features

I just finished my trial version and decided to subscribe to unlock all the features. However I can't find my project in my account. What should I do? Also, would it come without the advertisement? 

Tatiana, you definitely have a subscription registered to your account so you should be able to access all the features of the desktop product without the watermark as well. You do need to log-out and back in again after subscribing for VideoScribe to pick up the change to your account.

I did it. But there are no scribes saved in my account. And now I can't log in in the app where I saved my first one. Is there any way to solve this?

If you want to access your work on a different PC you would need to save it to the cloud so it follows your account around using the button highlighted below on the save screen. Anything you just clicked the tick icon for to save will be saved locally on the machine you created it on and would need to be retrieved from that computer 

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