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Won't publish?

A day later still "publishing", what's going on with your website? Why is my video hijacked?

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Yes, I am having the same issue!! Not great as this Tawe was created for a deadline which is this afternoon. What's going on here Tawe folks?


Hello! anyone at Tawe to help us out with this problem?

Thank you.

Same problem! Is there a support for tawe?


Barry Radford; 

Please take a look at the picture above and maybe you can help me figure out a way to publish this video? as i entend to share it with others. The video is on your servers but won't publish and from the comments above; you can tell there are lots of people having the same issue.

Thank you in advance

PS; I really like Tawe, but it has to allow people to publish or enable some other way to share the video.


Hello All!

Sorry for not getting to this too quickly! Seems we may have has a Sho.co upload issue on Friday by the number of you experiencing delays. Seems the backlog has cleared now but if any of you are having issues still please post the short code link as I can use that to track down the video on our servers and try and sort out the issue. 


Afraid your screenshot just cuts off the link code which is the vital piece of information I need. Can you provide that and I'll investigate for you.

Alexander, just seen the short code in another forum so replied there. Thought I would paste it here as well as may be helpful.

Did you publish it as Private?

If you did you will get the can't find that page error unless you are logged into Sho.co with your Sparkol account details

Mine has been pending for hours.. http://sho.co/17AQ7 (published earlier today, march 9)

Sarah, just checked that one and it's up there now.

Barry Radford;

Find attach the file as requested; hope you're able to help.


<iframe width="720" height="447" src="http://sho.co/embed/17B5U" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

This is the code...it has been embedded on my website for 7hrs and nothing as yet...please help


Its working okay now...thanks


I updated my video and went through the usual process to get  a new embedded code, I did, but it does not work, it states unavailable...this was over 5hrs ago...what do I do next...please

This is the code: <iframe width="720" height="447" src="http://sho.co/embed/17B7I" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>


Sheri, looks like that one has completed. Did you publish this as a Private video as that will mean that only you can view the video when logged into the website. If you would like to share it make sure it is at least unlisted.

I'm having the same problems.  The first video I published worked fine.  So I tried another and it is still publishing over 12 hors later.  Had several more attempts changing listing to public, unlisted... but nothing.

the latest shortcodee is http://sho.co/17BUK

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