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Won't publish?

A day later still "publishing", what's going on with your website? Why is my video hijacked?

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http://sho.co/17BUK seems to be there now, sorry that it took a while to complete!

Hi, my video still has not published and I require it for a deadline this evening.

The shortcode is 17CVM

I am having the same problems. Unable to publish. Why is this taking so long! I have  a pro account and yes I'm logged in for sho.co.... Why can't this program just export a .mov or .mp4 version without having to publish online... This seems a major software flaw and it seems to be causing your users to get very upset. Including this one. 

Fix your product!!!!

Thanks for the comment Scott, this would be a great resource if only there was a way to make use of the creation without having to publish it. After trying to get two videos published; I loss interest and I could have created some 20 videos already. Tawe; create a mov or mp3 direct option so we make use of our videos.

Agreed Alexander. It confuses me that Videoscribe has this option and Tawe doesn't. Both products have the same branding and style so I assume they were developed by the same group. It is a terrible user experience to have that control in one app and not the other. Let alone the fact that the online publishing is broken for Tawe making it completely useless. UX designers really dropped the ball on Tawe it seems...

My video is "still publishing" too after 8/9 hours. What's going on? And why does it not allow direct saving as video file, as pointed out by others? i have logged a ticket 4 hours ago with no response. Very disappointed with the first time using tawe :(

Ali, just checked on 17CVM and it seems to have published fine now. Sorry for the delay!

Scott/Alexander. VideoScribe and Tawe are both produced by Sparkol.

Tawe is a much newer product in a much earlier stage of development so we haven't included everything yet. It was launched as a free add-on to the VideoScribe subscription to see if people liked the concept and decide if it was worth further development. So keep your feedback and thoughts coming as when we decide on the future of Tawe we will be looking at tickets and forums to see how best to move forward.

I agree that local video production would be a big step forward and it's certainly something we will include if the concept proves popular enough for further development. With additional feature requests you are best posting these in the Ideas and Feature Request forum so they can be voted on with 'likes' and we can see which are the most popular.

May, support is closed over the weekend, we work 9:00-17:30 Monday-Friday UK time. You should have had an auto-response to your ticket saying that? Looking at your video now and will respond to your ticket. 


It's the same as the others - its still publishing.  


Bev, a few videos seem to have got themselves stuck in the publishing process. We have our technical guys looking at this and hopefully we'll have the issue cleared soon.

We cleared the issue yesterday afternoon and the backlog of unfinished videos cleared overnight. Sorry for the delay but your videos should be available now.

I'm having the same issue and I've opened two tickets already and noone has answered me properly. I uploaded my file online and did NOT receive the embedded code nor a confirmation email. So I've been trying to look everywhere for the code and it's impossible to find ! Can someone please help me find my video? I've surpassed my deadline so time is of essence right now !!

Hi Shawn,

I've replied to your ticket(s) and you have told me the issue has been resolved. If you require any further assistance, please let me know.

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