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Refund of subscription fee

Hi, I only made a subscription on a MONTHLY basis Feb to March. Not know the fact that the subscription continues for March to April. Hence, hope you will look into this matter & make a refund to me. Regards, Gladys

VideoScribe is offered as a recurring subscription meaning you are signing up to be billed on an ongoing basis until you cancel your subscription. We do not offer a single month/year option for VideoScribe although you can cancel this subscription at any time. When you sign up via our website, you are advised that you are setting up a recurring subscription (please see screenshot below).

If you do sign up in the future, please see the cancellation instructions.


Your subscription renewed on the 9th March and from the system I can see you have been using VideoScribe since then. We would only look to offer a refund where a subscription has not been used. Your subscription is now cancelled so you will not be charged again and you will have access until the 9th April which is when the next payment would have been due.

Just to clarify I have not use the video scribe after my one mth subscription. The videoscribe was used solely for my project purpose which is for that month which I subscribed too ONLY. Since I had terminated the subscription, I demand for a refund for the month of March to April.

Gladys, I have just checked our systems again to make sure and I can see your subscription renewed on the 9th March and I can see that your account was using the software on the 16th March which is a week into that subscription. If you like I can turn this post into a support ticket and send you an extract from our system logs on your account which shows your account searching the image library, adding images etc on the 16th March.

I only signed up the subscription for the period 9Feb to 8mar. Ok fine, I cancelled my subscription on 15Mar. Since this had been the case, can I get my money back for 17 march to 8 April since there isnt and wont be any usage of the account at all from this period.

Afraid not, where VideoScribe has been used during a subscription period we cannot then refund that payment.

could i get a refund, i only want to subscribe one month but i accidentally bought a year i have only used it for 30mins could i get refund of 114

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