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Videoscribe logo on rendered video?


I'm sure I have a Pro account with Sparkol? which means you don't get the videoscribe logo on rendered videos.  My latest video does though?

Can you please check for me my account settings please.  If I have got the wrong account, how do I go about removing the logo?

Cheers,  Jeff.

Jeff, you have a Pro account it will be that VideoScribe checks your account when you log-in so if you log-in without an internet connection it can't check with our servers so does not know if you still have an active subscription. If you close VideoScribe and log-in while connected to the internet you'll find the logo disappears when you render a video. 

Barry, thanks so much for your prompt reply.  You are correct, I didn't have internet connection!  Thanks so much for clarifying.  Cheers, Jeff.

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