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issue VAT checking


The system doesn't recognize my legal VAT number.

I need to solve it asap to buy a license.


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I have the same problem! Please answer asap. Furthermore the system doesn't recognize my business email address and I am not able to send an email to you. My business eMail includes a "group" in the name and that's the problem.

best regards,


We use the VIES website to validate these numbers (http://ec.europa.eu/taxation_customs/vies/) so you will need to make sure your number validates there to work on our site. They have an FAQ page to deal any problems. The most common issue though is that you need a space between the country code for the number to verify.

Same Problem Here. I just get:

We can't check your VAT number at the moment

Hi, i had the same problem. The solution is the following: I live in Austra and my ID is ATU69678707 - the box tell u that it is a invalid code. U have to make i distance AT U69678707 -> an it works.


Hey Thomas, Thanks, I tried that before.. didn't work. Also on that VIES site I couldn't check my VAT. It said something about too many VAT numbers from my country. So I had to buy it including VAT now to work on my project... -.-


Hey guys, 

If you are having trouble with a VAT number please contact us before you buy. We cannot refund VAT after the payment has been taken. We can put your code on your account though so future payments do not have VAT so feel free to get in touch if you want us to do that. 

Thomas is correct here though that 9 times out of 10 the issue is that the code needs to be exactly as it is seen on VIES and that includes the space between the country code and the rest of the number. Copy and paste once validates on the website and it should work every time



Hi Barry,

I have problem with the VAT number, our VAT number company do not appear in the VIES site. Please con you send me a email to be in contact with you to try to solve this problem.


Here is what it says on the FAQ page of the VIES website.

Q12 : What do I have to do if my own VAT number appears as invalid?

The Commission´s web site is a real-time system which checks the validity of VAT identification numbers against the databases maintained by Member States.
If your VAT number appears as invalid, you should take this matter up with your own tax administration.

I found a solution

My Austrian VAT Number wasn't allowed first, so I checked online with the Tool:


After finding my company there I found out, that a space between AT and Uxxxxxxx was necessary

AT Uxxxxxxxx

The easiest way is looking up your company and copy pasting the VAT to the form

We have a valid UE Tax ID, but we don't find where to save it to add into our bills


Hi Aloha,

If you did not add the VAT number to your account during the initial checkout process, please open a support ticket with your VAT number included and we can verify it and add it to your account for you.

It will not be able to be applied to invoices that have already been generated but will appear on future invoices.


I have the same issue: I need the subscription today, but the payment module says that my VAT-nr is invalid.

Already tried all kinds of formats, including spaces etc.

The VIES-website says: "Member State service unavailable. Please re-submit your request later."

I really need this subscription today for a presentation tomorrow.

Thank you in advance.



Customer support works weekdays during regular UK business hours.
You could probably sign up without the VAT and then raise a ticket to have them add it later, as mentioned above.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


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