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Activate Subscription

I have purchased the $49 subscription but I cannot access my account. It says I require a subscription. 

I have invoice and payment has gone off. 

How long will it take to activate my subscription? I have logged off and on a few times. 

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The subscription would have been applied to the account you were logged into https://my.sparkol.com with at the time you purchased the subscription. I cannot see any account or subscription against the email address you raised this post with so it will be that you were logged into the website with a different email address when you paid. If you can post the account number from the invoice you have I will be able to trace that back to the correct email address if you don't know what it's likely to be.

I have the same problem. my reference number is INV00127464

Samuel, I can see that subscription on your account. You just need to log-out and back in again to be able to use the extra features unlocked with a subscription.

I bought 1 year subscription and I cancelled it, my account will expire next year, how can I activate my account? Please help.

You subscription is active on your account. You can log-into VideoScribe using the same username and password as you do on the website

deseo que active mi suscripcion

Intento hacer mi suscripción pero me tira un error constantemente.

Necesito ayuda

Get in touch with our sales team- https://www.videoscribe.co/en/contact-us

Hello  please. Active my subscription quickly!!!!

Your email is associated with a free trial account.

There is no activation needed- you need to download the VideoScribe application and then sign in.

acabo de pagar una suscripción de 17.50 plan mensual y deseo comenzar ahora, gracias

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