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Access denied after paying subscription


I have been using the VideoScribe free trial and was having success with a video I was creating so I signed up for the subscription but now its telling me my trial is ended and I cannot get access.


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Fixed now thank you!

mine still wont work there seems to be still on example file

 I did a video scribe for work under the month to month subscription.  Today I just upgraded to the yearly subscription and get this message when I try to log in "You need a Sparkol PRO account to use VideoScribe.  You can only have advantage of the trial once."  The payment went through but now I can't get into my file and I have a deadline.  I'm extremely frustrated.  I even tried to do a repair installation and a modify installation and get the same message.

Dale, looking at your account the subscription has applied correctly and you are logging in as a full subscription customer. Can you let us know what is it specifically that you are struggling to do which looks like the trial version and I may be able to help?

Carolyn,  The reason for that is shortly before you upgraded you contacted us to cancel your monthly subscription so we had manually closed it off and requested your monthly funds returned to you. Our manual closure of your subscription would superseed anything you did your end so you were showing on the system as not having an active subscription. I have manually reinstated you as a subscription user now as you have stated you want to stay so you can now log back in and continue to work.



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