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I need to cancel my subscription


I bought the program last year with my credit Card.

The problem is that this year, I dont need this program any more.

I already cancel the subscription and contact the bank I used to did this paymen.

Do I need to do something else, to continue with this action...

Honestly, I need my money back.


VideoScribe is offered as a Yearly subscription meaning you are signing up to be billed every Year. We do not offer a single Year option for VideoScribe although you can cancel this subscription at any time.  When you sign up you are authorising the Yearly subscription and if you do not cancel that subscription, you will be charged on a Yearly basis until you do (see below).  We also send out an email in the month leading up to the renewal date to remind you that your renewal is imminent.

We look at a couple of things when a refund is requested and that is if the software has been used since your renewal and also how long has it been since the subscription renewed.

You haven't used the software since the renewal so we can offer you a part refund. However it has been a month since your renewal so the best we can offer at this point would be to change your subscription to a monthly plan and refund the difference in cost for the time used. Meaning you would be charged a monthly fee from the time your subscription renewed to the time you cancelled.

Yes, I Know may be it is on the contract. The problem is something I did one year ago, and I forgot it. I hope we can solve this problem Thanks one more time

Karina, as I said when we get a refund request shortly after a payment is made we only charge a small admin fee but when it ticks over into a month since the payment was taken the best we can offer is to convert your subscription to a monthly plan, cancel it and refund the difference.

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