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Cancellation of yearly Sparkol subscription


I started yearly sparkol subscription almost 1 year ago.

and recently I found that it is extended without any notice if I don't cancel it.

because it seems like another 1 year subscription was charged

and it was paid by my credit card recently.

(I got text message about this payment from credit card company)

Could you please check if it is true?

If it was really paid, I want to get a refund.

Because I haven't received (even logged in) nothing during almost 1 year

and I don't want to continue the subscription for a while.


Thank you for your check!

Have a nice day.

VideoScribe is offered as a Yearly subscription meaning you are signing up to be billed every Year. We do not offer a single Year option for VideoScribe although you can cancel this subscription at any time. When you sign up via our website, you are advised that it is a Yearly subscription. Before you place the Order via BlueSnap, they advise it is a recurring subscription on the order information. When you sign up you are authorising the Yearly subscription via BlueSnap and if you do not cancel that subscription, you will be charged on a Yearly basis until you do. We also send out an email in the month leading up to the renewal date to remind you that your renewal is imminent.

I have now disabled the auto-renew on your account to prevent future charges 

We do offer a refund if people forget to unsubscribe as long as the account has not been used and you contact us within 14 days of payment being taken as again you would be emailed a receipt at the point we charge the account. Unfortunately though this payment was taken over a month ago and in this circumstance the best we can offer would be to convert it to a monthly subscription and cancel from the date you raised this query meaning you would be charged 2 months subscription (13th March and 13th April payment) and the remaining balance refunded to you. 

I'm facing the same situation, may I ask for refund and sparkol charge me today and I already cancel the subscription at the same time. Please help.

Grace, you have also raised a ticket and my colleague is just replying to that now so save having the same conversation in multiple places I'll leave it to the support ticket you have raised.

Hi, I'm in exactly the same situation as Miri Jeon. Can you offer me the same solution please? My renewal payment was taken today... 

I started yearly sparkol subscription almost 1 year ago on April 29th 2016 and I paid  $ 96.00 and today I found that it is extended without any notice for another year and was charged $144.00. I want to cancel my account and get a refund as I have not been using the product at all.

 Hello, I just raised a ticket before reading this. I am in the same situation and want a refund. My payment for $144 was charged today and I raised a ticket almost immediately. I have also not used the software for over six months and logged in today only to raise the ticket and seek resolution. Please refund my subscription ASAP.

I also have not used the account and saw the notice on my credit card statement April 27th.  I do wish to continue the subscription.  Please refund me the amount to my credit card and cancel my account.  I may decide in the future to use your product again, but I currently am not using it and have not used it for quite a while.

Hello, if you have a refund request please log a support ticket - http://help.sparkol.com/support/tickets/new. I'll make sure a ticket is logged for everyone who's posted here in the last few days.

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