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Tawe vs Prezi

I'm having trouble figuring out there difference?

Can someone make a practical list of the pros/cons of each? 

Maybe give there opinion on which is better in certain situations/presentations?

Why you would use on over the other?

Would love to hear opinions on the audience attention difference say on youtube or in a live class? Compare Tawe to Prezi for how well they keep attention of viewers... maybe just throw in Videscribe to this discussion too?

Also, if they are the nearly the same, is Prezi worth the price?

Obviously we at Sparkol HQ are slightly bias and therefore I will refrain from turning this into a corporate response and selling our product benefits as it's real world opinions you are after... but there are real world independent assessments out there in the form of blog posts. A Google search will return a good selection but I have included a couple of examples below as a start to the conversation.




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