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Hello, I wish if someone would tell me, how to cancel/ delete this account, in fact I don't want to receive mails, I just don't want this account anymore. And anyway, why can't we delete it, it wasn't written in the terms and conditions in the beginning, that we can't delete it when we want to. It makes me really anxious because people who creates accounts here, have to be warned since the beginning that they won't be able to delete their accounts if they need to. At least you people have to take responsibility for that. Thanks for your help.

We cannot delete your account as we need a record of who has had a trial and not to prevent people taking endless free trials. However I have unsubscribed you from all our mailing lists and you will not hear from us again.

Hello, I would like to cancel my subscription  too and I thought that I did it but the next payment was made anyway , so please confirm this cancelation somehow :) I will be very gratefull.


Hello, looks like you found the cancel button as I have just checked and you cancelled yesterday.

For those who don't know how to cancel all you need to do is log-into your account and go to the subscriptions and invoices page. From there you can see all your subscriptions and invoices both old and new. Any subscription which is active and has an automatic renewal on it (monthly/yearly) will have a cancel button next to it and that will stop all future payments. You can cancel at any time and still have access to VideoScribe and Tawe until the end of your currently paid period.

Barry Radford, could you also unsubscribe me from all your mailing lists?

How to change which emails you receive about our products:

Open any newsletter or promotional email sent to you by Sparkol
Scroll to the bottom of the email and select 'update email preferences'You will be taken to our one of mailing programmes, MailChimp or Intercom, where you can specify what emails you would like to receive

Please note: you cannot unsubscribe from system emails. These are messages that are automatically sent when you do something important like make a payment, ask a support question, or change your account details. They are necessary for you to know what is happening on your account – we still try to keep them to a minimum.

I am like the other members of your community did not know that the subscription is automatically renewed. 
And today I have noticed that I don't have enough money on my account to pay the check. 
But I was not going to pay and I was lucky that my card does not have enough funds, because now I have no any funds and I don't have money even for pocket expenses.
Reading the forum I have realized that I just have to cancel the subscription by pushing the button "cancel"
"Subscription A-S00036738 has been cancelled and will stop on 2017-12-05. You will not be charged again for this subscription" 
But a check 2016.12.05 is still "Outstanding" 
But I can't pay for this check and simply do not wish because I am not going to use your programme next year. 
Please, find my problem's solution


No quiero sparkol, pero hoy se me ha cobrado de forma automatica. Deseo que cancelen mi suscriocion y me devuelvan mi dinero. Es una aplicación que no deseo comprar.

Hi Viktor and Mauricio or anyone else,

If you would like to discuss your accounts with the support team, please submit a support ticket and we will be happy to help. 

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