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 I did not use your site barely and I want to quit to do it now.

                So, would you cancel my account and delete my information completely. ?

Thanks for your help and Your early reply will be appreciated.

Hope good news!

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Hello, I cannot see an account against the email address you have used to create this topic? We would need to know the email address against the account in order to advise. In general though we cannot delete your account as we need a record of who has had a trial and not to prevent people taking endless free trials. However we can unsubscribed you from all our mailing lists so you will not hear from us again.

Hello everybody.

I did not use your site barely and I want to quit to do it now.

So, would you cancel my account and delete my information completely?

Thanks for your help and Your early reply will be appreciated.

Hope good news!

Best regards Patrick

Hi Patrick,


I see that you have cancelled your subscription already so no further subscription payments will be taken. What information would you like to be deleted? We need to keep a record of your subscription for accounting purposes.

Hello. I have stopped using the app, but forgot to terminate the subscription until I saw a charge coming in just.

How can I terminate the subscription and can I reverse the US$29 payment that literally just gone through 5 min ago, please? I am currently subscribed to the Pro version.

Thank you.

Hi Yvonne

Please submit your query as a support ticket and we can look into this for you.

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