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Video not published after 1 hour


I created 2 shorts videos this morning and after 1 hour,  sho.co still indicates that the video is still publishing, what's going on ? 

I regularly check the "my videos" section, and still nothing appears. 

Both videos are private 

- http://sho.co/17NO0

- http://sho.co/17NO2

I need help, I need these videos to create an important deliverables for one of my clients. 



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I just received http://sho.co/17NO0 after 2 hours. Still waiting for the second video ...

Romain, they are both showing as complete this end. Can you confirm you can see them on the site? I am unable to check myself as they are listed a private

Hi Barry, 

Yes I got both videos. It took hours to see them, is the problem fixed ? I was used to have my videos available in a few minutes. 


Hi Romain, there was a problem with Sho.Co at the time you were trying to publish your videos. This is now been fixed! Jess 

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