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I have not used the account, and have only used it once since the activation of my account. There was no notification or remind whatsoever about the payment. I demand for a refund. Customers should at least be notified about the payment prior to the actual payment as this is an automatic payment

Please do check, as i have not even signed in for almost 2 months, to which Sparkol continued to take payment out of my card. This leaves me regretting that I had subscribed in the first place as now i have wasted so much money, to which i will add, I was NEVER notified about. Hope I will get a reply ASAP 


(It's pretty hard to miss actually. The pricing page clearly mentions the recurring monthly payments  : https://my.sparkol.com/buy. That page also states that if you just want to use it once you can cancel it when you are finished. Recurring payments and cancellation are discussed several times on that page and probably again in your confirmation email as well at the terms of service. )

You may want to click YOUR TICKETS at the top of this page and raise a new customer support ticket. This community forum is more of a public discussion forum.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


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