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What are the "credits" that you get when you use Tawe on an iPad?

 I bought a subscription for VideoScribe. (I presume I get access and use of Tawe as well...

I installed the Tawe app on my iPad and created a little animation that I was very proud of. When I did it the first time I was told "Here is 1 credit" and when I wanted to publish I was asked to login to my Sparkol account, and then was asked if I wanted to publish my Tawe animation on the sho.co cloud "for 1 credit". What is with this? If I do another animation and want to publish it will I not have a credit to publish with, and if so how could I get my animation off of the Apple iPad to import into a Powerpoint presentation or as a ordinary video that I could use in a Adobe Premiere video?

You do get Tawe included in your Sparkol subscription. 

The important distinction here is between our desktop products and iOS/Android apps.

Your subscription covers the desktop (Windows/OSX) applications both of which can be downloaded and installed from https://my.sparkol.com/

With iOS and Android anything unlocked by purchasing must be brought In-App through the Apple/Play store so they can take their cut so we must sell the unlock/upload features of anything on there In-App and cannot include them therefore in the subscriptions sold on our own website.

So what you're saying is that you make your subscribers pay three times for your service? Once to buy the subscription, once to unlock video saving in videoscribe for iPad, and once to publish Tawes. Four times, if you include publishing videoscribes from iPad. I feel this is very misleading when you advertise these as fully functional.

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