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Wont Open

Hello, I was recently using a free trial to make a video for my internship, and when I came back the second day of the trial, it wouldn't let me open scribe at all. At first it said that I didn't have internet connection, then I restarted the computer and it just shows a loading sign but it never loads. I use a ethernet cord for internet, but I was using this when I first downloaded the application so I don't know what changed. Could you tell me how to fix the problem, then give me an extended trial?

There are all sorts of security settings on your computer that could be preventing VideoScribe from connecting I will post a link below which will run you through the various things to check. I've extended your trial by a few days as well to give you chance to finish this off.

VideoScribe won't open – error message 'Without an internet connection you can only log in with your last used details' appears

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