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Won't upload because cookies not enabled (they are)


I tried to upload my first scribe to youtube (free subscriber, just installed VideoScribe), but when I logged in to my Youtube account, instead of entering my channel I got a Chrome help page that had instructions to enable/disable my browser cookies. They were already enabled, and I tried to switch them on and off, but to no avail. I have tried several times, clearing cache and all cookies, trying different accounts, tried uploading on Facebook, but I always get a message that says "cookies are not enabled".

Is this a know issue? Is there some setting I overlooked?

Thank you very much for any answer,

Sara G.

Can you confirm that your YouTube Channel is verified as outlined on our Common issues with YouTube page? Also can you try and upload a small video file (any you have on your computer, does not need to be a scribe) from Chrome on your computer and see if you get errors with uploads outside of VideoScribe as well.


Yes, the channel is verified! I'll try to upload something else and then write back.

also has to be a personal channel not a business I believe.

Recommend that you try verifying again by email in case you think you completed the process but didn't. Have to initiate the email from your youtube settings pages and then follow the instructions in the email.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Confirmed: verified channel (via phone message), personal not business, and chrome doesn't stop direct uploads outside videoscribe :(

Sara, I would try uninstalling VideoScribe, downloading a fresh copy from https://my.sparkol.com/download and reinstalling to see if the fresh install changes things for you. If that does not work can you save your scribe to the online cloud folder within VideoScribe and let us know what it's called. We can then see if we can get it up to YouTube this end (I expect that we will be able to) and at least then you have a video to work with.

Thank you, I will try reinstalling in the next few days. 

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