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Sparkol PRO account

how can we get the Sparkol PRO account? :( 

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I think this is the link to the BUY page: https://my.sparkol.com/buy


my vedio scribe is not open and say that i make aq sparkol pro acount

 what i do

If the problem has not already been answered in this thread, please explain the problem more clearly.


how can i got sparkol pro account ?

You can pay to upgrade your trial account to a PRO account, on the BUY page: https://my.sparkol.com/buy

If you made more than one trial account, you should log in to this website using the same email and password that you used on the trial account you want to upgrade.


how can i get sparkol pro account for the videoscribe trial version?

how can I get the Sparkol PRO account for the videoscribe trial version?


That question has been answered several times in this thread.  There is a link to the BUY page in my previous reply.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Too complicated to run apps makes people confused looking for answers in order to use the videoceribe app.

why i cant login in to sparkol pro acc.????

If you have a free trial account then it may be that the 7 day free trial has expired. If this is the case and you would like to continue to use the software please purchase a subscription plan.

If you have a Pro account maybe you are logging in with the wrong email address.

how can i get the sparkol pro account for the videoscribe???

Hi Veny,

If you were having issues with paying for a subscription, it may be related to an issue we were experiencing with our website around the time that you posted this. These issues have now been resolved so you should be able to make the purchase.

 bingung beh

i can't to open sparkol apps, because sparkol account pro... how to  i get sparkol pro account ??????

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