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Export video

Can somebody help me to export my video as a video file... Please

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Downloading videos is limited to those with a full subscription but you can publish your project to YouTube, Facebook or PowerPoint on the Free Trial and share you work that way. To find out how to do this we have a handy short tutorial - How to share your scribe - video


I was wondering how do you export a file in VideoScribe and Tawe in other video format So I can make the presentation local in my computer or other device.



The icon in the upper right corner of videoscribe is used to publish your currently open scribe.

Free users can publish to powerpoint, facebook or youtube. (youtube uploading requires you to have a verified personal channel, which is free to create)

Paying subscribers have the same option and can also render video (MOV,AVI, or WMV) files to their hard drives.
Paying subscribers can also publish to sho.co which will render their scribes on a remote server and then host the video file for private or public viewing. Videos rendered to sho.co can be downloaded as MP4 files.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


I wonder if after the end of my subscription, I'll still have access to videos exported to my YouTube channel?

You will still have access.

Videoscribe subscriptions do not affect whether or not a video continues to exist on youtube.

-Mike (videoscribe user)

Hi, I am paying for a full subscription for VideoScribe, but still can't figure out how to download a Tawe file to my hard drive in .avi or .mov format.  I can see that I can upload it to sho.co, but is there a way I can download it to my personal computer in a readable file format?

You can't publish your Tawe as a video file directly to your computer. You can however download an MP4 version of your project from sho.co after it's been rendered.

Hello, I am a paying user and wondering how I at my video to sho.co, I have logged in and cannot seem to work it out. 

My vodcast has to be wmf, mp4, or MOV and under 50 MN.

Thank you 

I meant 50 MB

 In version 3, paying users can publish to sho.co by clicking the clicking the (not very user-friendly) shoco triangles icon on the "create and share video" menu. You can see it at 1:32 in the following video: https://youtu.be/4JIS3uz2I_Q?t=92

In version 2, use the red button that says "share video online"

-Mike (videoscribe user)

por favor necesito ayuda para exportar al youtube un videoscribe de prueba. 

You should probably save your project to the cloud folder and raise a ticket explaining the problem to customer support.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


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