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How to convert scribe file to mp4?

Hi Scribe Team, 

I'm a new user (was previously using the trial version) and I can't seem to be able to load my projects as an mp4 file. There's only an option to save it online and to save it as a .scribe file. 

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Thanks Mike. If this is the case Sparkol should pony up IMO. Come on. It's 2020. MP4 is THE most widely accepted and most popular format for prosumer video rendering. This is like a carpenter who refuses to use a hammer. I got an email from Sparkol about rendering gifs, thinking wow I didn't know that was an export option. It's not. They describe how you need to offload the work to another application for processing. SMH.

When rendering a video to sho.co, can i work on another project in VideoScribe?

@Marcie- yes you can!

Hey, or you could try another way to see whether it can work, like using the tool Mac M4V Converter to convert the video formats, and then try it again. Hope it can help you.

Estou decepcionado com a versão 3.6.6 para teste gratuito. Esta versão não é processada no arquivo MOV.

Eu tentei várias vezes no meu PC. Conclui a renderização, mas não salva no arquivo MOV.

I am disappointed with version 3.6.6 for free trial. This version is not processed in the MOV file.  

I tried several times on my PC. Completes rendering, but does not save to the MOV file.

Try choosing an alternative save location


Hi Andre,
In another thread, a user mentioned that videos did not save correctly if the file name contained  certain special characters such as a period. To be safe, consider using only letters and numbers in your video file names.

-Mike (videoscribe user)

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