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Can't login in (paid yearly )


I have paid yearly Sparkol subscription (see attached),

but I can't login in to use VideosCribe since few days ago.

Why I can't use Videoscribe today? 

Thank you for your reply.

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Besides, I can log in my iPad Videoscribe today.

But can't on my Notebook. (Notebook was OK few days ago) 

I have found my problem.


I just used my wrong email account.

Now, it's OK.


what i must do if show like this ?


Your 7 day free trial has probably expired so you would need to purchase a subscription plan to use the software further.

how to buy ?
and how long its work ? what if i paid its work forever ?


You can pay using credit/debit card or PayPal. You can choose a monthly or yearly subscription plan or you can choose a One-off payment. The One-off payment gives you access to the software for life and includes all future upgrades.

Prices can be viewed at videoscribe.co/buy.

okey thank you for information, i think i can use this application for 6 month because i want use this for my research for finishing my collage :D, okey i will search money for this application :), thnks


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