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Get my money back

I payed to subscribe for a month and surprisingly this month I received a text receipt of a new payment that was made yesterday. I remember to have signed it for ONLY A MONTH. I just canceled this subscription and I would like to have the money that you guys charged with no authorization yesterday back. My email is priscilafs92@yahoo.com Thanks

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(It says "recurring payment", and "cancel at any time" on the buy page, various other pages, in the terms to which you agree when you pay, and probably in the confirmation email you received after subscribing. example: http://www.videoscribe.co/buy )

Possibly the best way to contact customer support is to click the "YOUR TICKETS" link at the top of this page and open a new support ticket which will go to their email.

-Mike (vidoescribe user)


Hi I'm olso having this issue. Could you raise a ticket for me as well thanks.

Hi, any refund requests will be dealt with in a support ticket.


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