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I can't publish my tawe


I try to publish a Tawe that i made last friday.

I'm still waiting to have access to it.

It would be very nice if i could have access to it,

in order to download it. It's very important for me

to get it before tomorow.

You can find as enclosure a printed sceen.

Thank you for your help.


The link to the video: http://sho.co/182RO

I couldn't see if your Tawe has now rendered on sho.co - it may have been set to Private. We did have a few technical difficulties with the site over last weekend which has caused a slight backlog that may have been the reason that the render took longer than usual. The problem has now been fixed and the backlog has been cleared so any future uploads to sho.co should be much quicker.

Hello Matthew, thanks for your answer, i got my video on monday.
Happy to know that the problem has been fixed. I have lots of projects
on Tawe. Sorry for not giving a feedback.
Thanks a lot


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