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Upgrading tawe from trial

I've recently purchased a licence for videoscribe and tawe, but can't seem to use tawe as it keeps defaulting to the trial version. I've tried using the 'installer' to delete it and then re-install it, but I'm still left with just the trial version. Grrr. Very annoying and wasting a lot of my time.

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There is one version of Tawe, it is the same version for free trial and Pro users. The Pro features of Tawe are unlocked when you log in with Pro account details. What is making you think that you are using the free trial features of Tawe? The main differences between logging in with a free vs a Pro account are that you can save more than 2 projects as a Pro user and can upload your projects to sho.co for publishing and sharing.

I have the same problem as Jane. I have a yearly subscription with Sparkol.What makes me think it is the free trial is that is says so. There doesn't seem to be anywhere in the Tawe free version where I can log in as pro. When I try to import a file, it says I need to purchase the full version.

When you open Tawe on a PC/Mac desktop you are presented with a log-in screen:


When you then log-in your account status will show at the bottom of the screen:


If you have logged in previously on that machine Tawe will open with the last credentials you used and you may see this instead if the last account you used was a free account:


If that's the case you can click on the name or email address (circled in green above) and this will give you a number of options one of which is log out. Once you have done that you can log back in with the account your subscription is purchased against and use all of the features of the software

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