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Transferring account ownership

I've just completed my VideoScribe free trial and am committed to buying a full subscription. The purpose of my VideoScribe usage is for business and as I am leaving the organisation in a month I want to know if I will be able to transfer my account to a colleague? 

The obvious option is to get someone in the organisation to purchase the subscription but then we forfeit the 33% discount. So if I buy it will I be able to transfer the account ownership to a colleague later on? 

Thanks a lot!


You can change the email address on the account to that of your colleague.

Change email address

Regarding the price: If you purchased a yearly license and you don't want to be rebilled on your own credit card, you will need to cancel the subscription.  The account will remain active until the paid time runs out. The company or the other employee can reactivate the membership with their own card either before or after the paid time expires. There may be opportunities to renew at a discounted price in the next year.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


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