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I cannot pay with Paypal balance

Hi! I've selected the option to pay with Paypal (and I have enough money on my account to buy the yearly subscription), but system asked me to introduce a credit card anyways. I don't have a credit card, but I do have Paypal balance. What can I do? Thanks!

You need to have a card registered to your PayPal account as it is not a one-time fee, you are setting up a recurring subscription.

But I want to pay the yearly subscription in one payment. 

When you purchase a subscription on a yearly payment plan you do pay for the year in advance, However it's a subscription so next year the next payment will be due unless you cancel.

Also there are premium images within VideoScribe which are an extra cost and should you choose to purchase those we would use the same payment details to process those charges too. 

You shouldn't need a card though, PayPal will allow you to register a bank account without a card and pay that way. It will always use any balance on your account too before using the card/bank account you have linked.

Here's the thing: I don't have a bank account either. I'm not from the US and Paypal doesn't accept banks from my country (I'm from Argentina). I have balance on my account. Can I pay the whole year once, sending the money directly to VideoScrive?

Hi Selene,

I'm afraid that we cannot accept payments in that way.

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