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Same question as Céline...

I have made a scribe, and now i'm not allowed to log in due to the expired trial. 

Will I be able to get my work back if I buy? 

I know that the question is asked a lot, but I can't find the answers - other than answers in a 'Support Ticket' which I don't know how to access ;) 

Login to this website using the same username and password of your trial account that you used to make your project(s). Upgrade your trial account to Pro, then login to videoscribe using the same login information. Any work you saved using that account will still be there unless you have deleted it.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Thank you Mike :-) - I wouldn't buy, if I wasn't sure my work was still there. Have a nice weekend :-) 

If you log into the software on the same computer and computer user profile that you used during the free trial, after upgrading your account, all of your work will still be there where you left it. Any scribes you saved to your online directory (cloud icon) will still be in your cloud folder when you log in after upgrading your account.

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