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Tracking Affiliate Commissions

I am starting to do affiliate marketing for Sparkol. I can get to the Affiliate page and the Affiliate T&Cs page, but cannot find anywhere that reports on my commissions earned. Does anyone know how to find out if I have earned any commissions or not prior to possibly getting an amount in PayPal at some point in the future?

There isn't a place that shows you the amount that you have earned but you can see how many monthly, yearly and one-off licences people have purchased after following your affiliate link by logging in at my.sparkol.com/services.

To see how much you get for each purchase, go to my.sparkol.com/services/affiliates.

To see how and when you will get paid, go to Affiliate terms.

I have looked there previously and thee is no place I can see where that it the case. Does something appear after the first sale only? I can see where to enter my PayPal account email, the terms, the commission schedule, etc, but nothing that refers to monthly, yearly, or one-off licenses people have purchased under services.

Hi Steve,

The number of visits (people following your link) and signups (people following your link and creating a Sparkol account) will appear on my.sparkol.com/services after the first visit has been made. In some instances it may take a couple of days to show on your account page. It will look something like this:


Thanks - think I have it now. I will not see anything until after something happens. Some dashboards are there right away with a bunch of zeros all over the place. Thanks. Will get it going!

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