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Account not switching to PRO from trial, URGENT

So after downloading the trial version I've decided to subscribe monthly.

I did this before my 7 trial days expired, right now my account seems to be stuck in trial 

and is not upgrading to pro. 

When I go to subscriptions it does not show any subscriptions but only an invoice written "paid" (29 dollars). I've also called my bank to make sure and the payment is made indeed.

What do I need to do? I have a project due to Wednesday and this is really urgent right now.. Can't seem to fix it I'm about to go crazy.

Thank you.

1) Raise a support ticket


2) One of the most common solutions is that you have to close videoscribe and then run it and login again. Videoscribe checks your membership status when you login.

3) Another common problem is that people make multiple free accounts and then they upgrade one of the accounts but they login to videoscribe using a different account. If you received an invoice or payment receipt by EMAIL, be sure you are using THAT same email address as your user I.D. to login to videoscribe.

-Mike (videoscribe user)

Hi Batu,

I see that you have been able to log in since posting this. Sorry if there was some delay between the payment being taken and your account being upgraded. There may have been a temporary issue with the website.

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