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Payment System Issue

At 17:20 (BST) on Friday 19th May our payment platform experienced a fault preventing payments from being processed. We are working on this issue and will restore service as soon as we can. 

Apologies for any inconvenience this has caused.

Seems normal service is resumed. If you were effected please try again

I am from india and i am keenly interested in buying vedio scribe .I want to buy it by the year subscription (4$ per month till whole year).But ,i am not able to do the payment by my visa card so what is the problem?I tried to do payment today.

One more question is that if i subscribe to vedio scribe by this above mentioned subscription then will I will be able to cancel the subscription in between the year whenever I want.

If you are having trouble paying on our site, I would suggest that you contact your card provider to see if they are blocking the transaction (this tends to be the most common situation).

You can cancel your subscription any time during the year and after you cancel you will be able to continue to use the software for the period you have paid for.

I cant pay for the subscription though the web site... is there any other thing that can be done? Card providers take too long in answering the phone...

Contacting the card provider would be the first course of action though as if the card provider is blocking the transaction, there will be nothing we can do about that on our side.

You could try using PayPal to pay for the subscription.

Dear Sparkol i have been charged this year and i am not interested to continue this program. i will be happy if you return my money back please. what can i do to return my money. 

If you would like to request a refund, please open a support ticket.

I am from nepal and i want to buy this software but i am not being able to purchase it online. I want a help for buying this videoscribe

I agree with it, because I understand how difficult it is to go into this issue. 

run 3

email our sales team, sales@sparkol.com to assist. 

My videoscribe subscription has expired. I want renew my subscription but I can't because yuor website show me this message ( Unfortunately your trannsaction has not been successful, please contact our sales team for assistance). What can I do for this?

You will need to contact your bank to authorise the transaction before you attempt to purchase again.

Hi, I tried to pay the $ 8 monthly plan twice, but both times I received the chargeback (return) information on my credit card.

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