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Video scribe Data

Hello. I've been installed video scribe trial on my laptop before and make a video. But, now when I open my videoscribe pro account on my computer, all data is lost! please help me, how to restore my videocribe data? :( 'cause the video have to send to my lecturers :'(

Please note

before you waste your time in making atrial version to test video scribe

They have a sneaky way of running this business

They say you can trial it before buying, however thats not actually true.

You may take hours making your video to trial

You can not save it as a movie  (which is fine)

However you also can not save to youtube or Facebook either (which they say you can)

So your forced to abandon the hours of work, or purchase without trailing it to see it.

You probably waste hours trying to upload to Youtube and Facebook first, each try takes 2 hours so if you value your time please do not bother with this company.

There are others out there that do similar and at least they are honest

Others also complain about unethical process by this company

After signing up, they have a tiny tick box that means they can continue taking money continuously.

This is how most scam companies work, they take your money and then try to continue to take until you notice.

They are then able to show you did not untick the hard to see, tick box.

We are not talking a few quid, we are talking a lot of your hard earned cash


So the trial is useless as you can not see it work, makes you wonder also if load to Facebook or youtube works when you paid too. If you are persuaded to go beyond trial (THINK BEFORE YOU DO) you will find they continue to take money  after you intended.

SPARKOL or SCAMKOL    Videoscribe  or Videoscam - You decide


You may want to Raise a Ticket to contact customer support about your problem.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


you are mistaken about several things.

If you can't publish to facebook or youtube during a free trial, it is most likely because of a problem in your project or settings on your social media account. Start a thread and get help, or read existing threads because someone else has probably had the same problem and gotten it fixed.

Subscriptions are recurring payments. It is stated plainly on the buy page and the checkout page and in the payment terms. The checkboxes on the checkout page are not pre-ticked. You are required to manually select them to acknowledge that you understand the automatic rebilling terms. If you don't want to be rebilled, you can cancel immediately or at any time. If you get surprised by an automatic payment, just raise a ticket and ask customer support about a refund.  Read the user terms or the payment terms, or contact support if you want more details.

If you decide to verify all of these things and decide your post was a little excessive, you can delete it by clicking the trash bin icon near the upper right corner of your post.

-Mike (videoscribe user for about 4 or 5 years.. not an employee of sparkol or videoscribe)


For some reason your replies got picked up by the Spam filter. I have allowed them all through and deleted the duplicates but left a couple which are variations on the same theme but different non the less.


Thanks Barry! I was wondering what happened to them and I was worried that there would be about 5 copies showing up eventually.

Sometimes I post and then I really don't like the wording, or it contains errors, so I repost almost the same text with a few changes (and delete the old post). I'm not surprised it looks like spam to the spam filter.

-Mike (occasional spammer)


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