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how to add images to tawe

In my personal opinion Tawe is not that easy to understand. Im not sure if you can add additional photos to one project but if you can, its not designed user friendly. Looking to put together a project with several images (no infographics)  How can I do this ?

You can import a single image into a Tawe project. If you would like to incorporate more than one image into the same project, you would need to stitch them together in image editing software before you import.

See this forum thread for a discussion about best image sizes.

Hola, estoy pensando en pagar la licencia, pero con Tawe surge un problema. Descargue la app en mi teléfono HTC Desire 10. Realicé la presentación, le tome la foto, pero lleva más de una hora subiendo y nada. la desinstalé la volví a instalar, y sigue con el mismo problema. En el foro de la Play Store, aparecen problemas muy similares sin solución y por supuesto repercute en la calificación de la aplicación. 

¿Podrían ayudarme?


Hi Andrés,

Please try the following steps:

General security update

***Android 6 users, please ensure you grant Tawe with permission to use your Microphone and Storage***

  1. Close Tawe
  2. Go to settings
  3. Select Apps
  4. Select Tawe
  5. Select Permissions
  6. Enable Microphone and Storage
  7. Relaunch the application

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