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Feature Request

1. Copy and paste on Text tool, WITHOUT copying/pasting at the same time on the canvas

2. Be able to overwrite an Image Sequence

3. Play audio clips to the end, NOT stop at the end of the animation.

4. Undo actions. More than one. Undo the last action?

5. Be able to NAME Image Sequences, and its folder

6. When you save a Scribe, use the save settings from the last save

7. Bring on the hand, instead of popping on? Bring it off instead of popping off.

8. Add a Scribe within a folder, instead of ONLY on the main screen.

9. Image Sequence over “transparency”? I still see ghosting of the white underneath.

10. Be able to incorporate pen strokes in Illustrator.  

11. Use Shift key to make straight vertical / Horizontal movements

12. Have an align feature, to align elements

13. Kerning on Type? Call it Kerning rather than “gap”. Also, leading

14. Give the option to have text in different colors within one type element.

15. Choose the colors on the graphs 

16. Be able to import multiple files at once

17. Be able to animate objects OUT

18. Delete an object, by hitting “delete”. Too many steps.

19. Keep the most recent audio clips (similar to Video elements). I can only import one at a time, and my previous clips aren’t there

20. Be able to lock layers

21. Be able to move multiple layers back or forth in sequence

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