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Samsung note 8

Just got my new Samsung note 8, and tawe won't create any new presentations with existing or new photos on my device, or using photos that it worked with on my old Samsung j5. Windows tawe works.fine with them Just dims the screen and says 'loading image's and can't go back/escape it, have to close app every time Being cynical, is tawe still being developed and tested.for new mainstream phones, or is it being replaced by storypix? Please don't drop tawes main features and ease of use, it's fantastic

Hello Russell, you are correct that Tawe is no longer in development and therefore we are not testing it on new devices as they hit the market. It's actually been removed from sale completely although those that have previously purchased it on a phone/tablet will be able to re-download it and if you have a subscription to our desktop services which included Tawe the support team will help you download it if you need a fresh copy.

I'm not sure if the issue you are facing on your new device is linked to any Android or Samsung changes but I would recommend uninstalling/reinstalling on your device just to make sure it's installed correctly.

Yes please, I am a desktop.customer...id like an android install for my phone please, had to wipe.it recently... How do I get it?

If you go to My Apps and Games within the PlayStore items you have previously purchased but are not currently installed will be in your Library folder

Just had a thought on the original issue. It could be a permissions issue for the app accessing your gallery.

Can you please ensure you grant Tawe with permission to use your Microphone and Storage

Close Tawe

Go to settings

Select Apps

Select Tawe

Select Permissions

Enable Microphone and Storage

Relaunch the application

That's it!! It let me select an image but not user it before, note it let's me select and use... Cheers. !

Awesome, glad we got to the bottom of the issue!

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