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Free Dowoad

How to use to free version of Video Scribe..?

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When do you know when the free trial is up?

It'll be exactly 7 days after you start it and you'll get an email shortly after it expires as well

It's imporssible to use free trial. I can't to download it. What should i do to try program?

Hi Kseniya,

What happens when you try to download the software? If any messages are displayed, what do they say?

Ive got the same problem, I press the download tab for free trial and no further screens appear

You need to log into your account page to download the software.

its not work in mobile

If you are referring to an Android mobile, we do not currently have a VideoScribe app that will work on Android.

ok sir,then how can I download on my android mobile.

You can't until we release an app for Android. I cannot give a timescale of when there will be an app for Android at this time.

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