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Website Error

I tried to buy subscribtion and after filling all informations including card number, it directs me the error page. 

It says,

[System error

An error occurred and you request couldn't be completed.

Click here to go bac to the home page]

Same problems happens when I try to click "account" tab.

Is this only my problem and nobody get this message?

I'm using Mac and used Chrome and Safari to do this, but same happens.

Please take care of this problem.

Thank you.

Error.png Error.png
52.7 KB

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Your query has been raised as a ticket.

You will receive an email response as soon as possible.

Hi Jonny, I got the same problem. I got an email confirmation of the payment but still cannot access to the software. I would apreciate your response :D

Hi Sergio,

If you are having a similar issue, please raise a support ticket, include all the relevant information and we can look into this for you.

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