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hi, i have a log in problem

whenever i tried to log in, it keeps making error 

i couldn't use it for a month.... 

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What does the error message say when you try to log into VideoScribe?

for both sparkol.com and videoscribe..

it keeps showing this msg. but it also shows me 'log out' too.

which means somehow i logged in, but i am not able to use it

i can't go to my account... and i can't use the program .



This error may mean that cookies are not enabled for the Sparkol/VideoScribe website.

Please ensure that they are enabled and attempt to login again.

Your browser may need to be refreshed or closed and opened again.

Can you advise if the same issue occurs using another browser?

If this fails, please raise a support ticket so we can investigate this further.

tengo un problema parecido ya cree la cuenta en Sparkol pero aun asi no me deja acceder diciendo que necesito una cuenta... no me deja de ninguna forma ingresar ademas de que siento un poco confusa la plataforma deberia ir directamente a la sesion e iniciar el uso... que puedo hacer ?


We have recently deployed a fix to our website that should now enable you to log into your account page. If you have been having issues logging into the website, please try again and let me know if you have any further issues or not.

Hi, I'm having the exact same problem as Elenitha I have my account and all and it keeps telling me I need one [account]. I really wish you could help, since it is a relly useful tool. Thanks

I just signed for a month and got an account. But somehow I don´t know how to enter the project-Screen.

Thanks for help.

Hello, I just bought a monthly access. The Login is allright, but I can´t find the project-Screen to start a project..

Thanks for your help.

Please log a support ticket if you are having trouble accessing your account page and/or the VideoScribe software.

it keeps telling me my login information is incorrect and i can't log in

hi, please help, whenever i try to login to my account it shows me the error that "without an internet connection you can only login with your last used details" this is my first time logging in for a trial version access, please help why this error is showing although my internet is working just fine. thanks

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