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Deleted Email Account


I deleted my old work email, but it's still being used by Sparkol and I have forgotten the password to the account. I can still work on old Scribes, but need to export one as a non-Scribe file. SOS.


If you are logged into this website using the same login information as your paid videoscribe account, you can go to your profile page and change the email address to a new email address.

If you just deleted the emails and not the whole email account, use the password reminder on the videoscribe login menu to reset your password and send you a new email.

If you deleted the whole email account, maybe you could recreate the same email address and use it long enough to get your password reset. Then login to your videoscribe profile on this website and change your linked email address.

Otherwise you might want to Raise a ticket for customer support

-Mike (videoscribe user)

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