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I cant cancel my Subscription?!

Hey guys, please cancel my subscription. I currently do not have the time to use this application right now. If I do somewhere in the future, i will come back to you, but as long as i do not use it, i dont wanna throw away my money. 

Cancel please. Thanks!

Hi Alpaslan,

I have cancelled your plan so no further payments will be taken and I can confirm that your subscription will expire at the end of the current service period.

Please cancel my subscription as well ! I have the same problem!!!

I can't log in to see my subscription details either.. It's so complicated!

Kaltrina, you do not have a subscription under this email address. 

Instruction on how to cancel your subscription can be found on the help site but you need to be logged in with the same account that you purchased the subscription with - cancel your subscription

Hello, I have followed the cancel subscription that you have linked. However, I was still unable to cancel my subscription. Please help

Proof Below.  


Adeel, apologies there was a error on your account which I have now fixed so you should be able to see your subscriptions now. I have also made the cancellation on your behalf.

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