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Payment Errors!


I want you know payment errors occurred when I tried to subscribe.

Order Confrimation Failed!

I got this message when I clicked the payment button.

What happened?

Please cancel my payment!

(from Z167051/A-S00155641 to Z167047/A-S00155637, five payment trials!)

Hello, sorry about that error. I can see you have logged a support ticket and we'll arrange a refund for you.

I'd like to buy Videoscribe and tried to pay it but it was canceled. So I try to buy it again but process is not go. how can I buy it?

Be sure to raise a support ticket!

-Mike (videoscribe user)
I also buy it but error came , I have no paypal but payneer account is available . Can you help me ho to purchase this videoscribe.
Tell me fast sir, How to purchase without paypal account. I have a payneer account .when start to buy error came.

You need to pay with Mastercard, Amex or VISA credit or debit card. No other card types are accepted.

Me cobraron por la suscripción pero no aparece en mi cuenta de Sparkol, podrian solucionar esto. Necesito el rembolso o la suscripción. urgente

Paguei com o Cartão de Crédito   Mastercard e não recebi nenhuma informação, meu email foi bloqueado após isso. Fiz com outro email e mais um pagamento para ver se dava certo e também não tive sucesso. alguém pode me ajudar com urgência?  Fico aguardando

Please raise a ticket with the support team.

If you have an invoice, attach it to the ticket . 

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