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Payment Errors!


I want you know payment errors occurred when I tried to subscribe.

Order Confrimation Failed!

I got this message when I clicked the payment button.

What happened?

Please cancel my payment!

(from Z167051/A-S00155641 to Z167047/A-S00155637, five payment trials!)

Hello, sorry about that error. I can see you have logged a support ticket and we'll arrange a refund for you.

I'd like to buy Videoscribe and tried to pay it but it was canceled. So I try to buy it again but process is not go. how can I buy it?

Be sure to raise a support ticket!

-Mike (videoscribe user)
I also buy it but error came , I have no paypal but payneer account is available . Can you help me ho to purchase this videoscribe.
Tell me fast sir, How to purchase without paypal account. I have a payneer account .when start to buy error came.

You need to pay with Mastercard, Amex or VISA credit or debit card. No other card types are accepted.

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