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online scribes

I have change my account from a mac to a pc and now I can not find my online sribes.

Do you know what happened?

Best Rgards


(Moving from a mac to a pc does not require any changes to your account. You just have to install videoscribe on the new machine and login.)

If you login on the new computer, using the same account information, you will see all of the same files saved ONLINE (in the cloud folder). If you created a NEW account with different login information, you will probably need to login using the OLD account if you want to see the files that were saved online with the old account.

My guess is that you only saved projects locally (instead of online). If that is the case,then they can only be accessed on the computer on which they are saved. You will have to go back to the old computer and save copies of all of the local files to the online cloud folder.

I hope that helps,

Michael (videoscribe user)

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