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Price for subscription

I was going to pay for my monthly subscription, it was aboy 24 dolllars a month, but my ccredit card did not accepted the charge so I was going to use another card and the price raised to 29 with no explanation. Can anybody tell me why is that? What can I do to have the price initially offered?

Hi Amanda.

I responded to your support ticket regarding this. Please log into http://help.sparkol.com/support/tickets for further information.

Quería saber si los estudiantes también se tienen que suscribir para hacer uso del videoscribe ya que solo lo voy a utilizar una vez para realizar un trabajo del Instituto.

The first time you install videoscribe, you get a 7 day free trial with some limitations, but only one trial period can be used on any computer, so you will have to use a computer that has not had videoscribe installed before. Otherwise you will be told to pay for a subscription.

-Mike (videoscribe user)

Не работает подписка. оплатил на месяц. что происходит вообще?

You should probably raise a ticket and describe the problem for customer support. For example: Are you unable to pay? Are you unable to login? Do you see any error messages? Are there any other specific symptoms?

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