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I didn't recieved refund credit of subscription fee yet.

I asked the cancelation of my subscription on March 7.

Then I recieved your mail that you cancelled my subscription on March 7.

But I didn't recieved the refund credit of subscription fee yet.

Would you check this issue?

The cancellation of your subscription stops future payments, it does not refund payments that have already been taken. Please check the cancellation confirmation email you would have received as this will show the date the subscription expires.

When I cancelled my subscription on March 7, I thought that it makes stop of current payment. 

And I have waited the refund of my one year subscription fee(USD186.65).

Then, I made new account(lightflow@gmail.com) for video scribe again and I paid one year subscription fee(USD186.65) on April 2.

Now I accidentally have the following two accounts for video scribe.

 a. moonriver173@naver.com

 b. lightflow@gmail.com

I paid two times for one year subscription fee.

However, I only need one account of video scribe.

So, I need to close one video scribe account(moonriver173@naver.com) and I want to refund of one year subscription fee(USD186.65).

Would you help me to solve this issue?

I'll raise a support ticket from this as we cannot discuss specifc account payments on a public forum

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