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Professional People of Color

Good Afternoon,

I am currently working on a project that requires diversity. Unfortunately, there is a lack of professional people of color, and we are stuck using people in black and white to suffice. Is there a way to gain more images from VideoScribe to fit our needs? 

Thank You. 

Hi Brittney! We are currently working on a new image pack of people in groups, which will include a variety of professional people of colour, that are also colour changing images as well. We hope to get these out soon!

Keep an eye out on our forum, What Images Would you Like to See?. We will post any new image updates on here. Please comment on this with any other ideas you have too!

Hi Brittney- Just wanted to give you and update on our images!

We've added 116 images of our characters interacting with each other (58 different images in full colour and highlight styles). These include business meetings, weddings, teachers with students and lots more. 

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