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The reference number is INV00638389, I already canceled, but I have not been refunded. My bill is 96 $ and I'm not even using the app. I need you to refund this amount urgently, please.

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We don't discuss account information on a public forum.

This has been converted into a support ticket and the support team will get back to you via the ticket 

yo tambien quiero mi reembolso

As mentioned, we don't discuss account information on a public forum.

Raise a ticket with the support team and they will further assist.


Hi Videoscribe is totally a fraud.

Never buy thier subscription. The reason I am mentioning here

Once you sign up , they never let you know about  hidden things. Once you buy the subscription and log in to the videoscribe website page and they will give you a videoscribe software to download on that webpage but whenever after installing the software you try to log in that will ask you with a pop up  " to use this you first log in to online with checked in remember me " but when you go back you never find an option to log in online.

they will ask you to check online connection or repeatedly ask you to log in online first which you cant do in your life.

I want my money back else i will go to consumer forum why this was hidden in the policy . I want my money back.

Hi Nur- this error is going to be down to your computer settings. See the article 'Offline Error Message' and follow those steps.

If you still have issues after this, raise a ticket with the support team and they can further assist. 

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